Questions about first time drinking?

Answer What a joke. You're lying and you're NOT 15. You're asking for (wisdom) and then you say you want to be (smart) about it too?!?!? (lol) Riiiiiiiight, suuuure you dooo.Because...DUH!! Those two w... Read More »

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Is the time between the answers and the questions shortened to save time on Jeopardy game show?

Portions of the show not affecting the outcome have been edited. I very mush doubt that saving air time is one of those things, they would cut any dead air where nothing is happening to move the sh... Read More »

Don't know what to have first time drinking?

James16 is pretty young, but if you're going to drink alcohol .....I'd take a moderate amount of something fairly light and relatively trendy, no spirits or hard liquor, but something no-one else i... Read More »

First time drinking how much do i need?

You shouldn't be drinking at all. You gonna get screwed if a cop sees you drunk.•Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $500•Alcohol awareness class•8 to 40 hours community serviceâ€... Read More »

First time drinking..... question!?