Questions about first time drinking?

Answer What a joke. You're lying and you're NOT 15. You're asking for (wisdom) and then you say you want to be (smart) about it too?!?!? (lol) Riiiiiiiight, suuuure you dooo.Because...DUH!! Those two w... Read More »

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I've had Indian food for the first time tonight and have a couple questions about the chicken dish I had?

they cook it like we do .. fry bake steam etc.. the pink maybe be a tomaoto paste base called masala if it has spinach then yes it will be green

First time drinking..... question!?

First time drinking how much do i need?

You shouldn't be drinking at all. You gonna get screwed if a cop sees you drunk.•Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $500•Alcohol awareness class•8 to 40 hours community serviceâ€... Read More »

I blacked out from drinking for the first time ever?

Yeah, that was called ALCOHOL POISONING... and you're lucky you're not dead.There ARE NO REMEDIES for that other than time and plenty of water.