Questions about concussions?

Answer go get an electroencephalogram and see if there's anything wrong.

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How to Treat Concussions?

Accidents resulting in a blow to the head can lead to a concussion. Typically seen with accidents related to sporting events and recreational activities, concussions are considered a brain injury a... Read More »

2 concussions in 1 year, should I be worried?

YES. you should definitely go to the doctor because they will assess the injury. They will not only tell you how severe it is and about how long it will take to recover but you could also have an M... Read More »

Can concussions cause memory loss?

Yes. Not remembering what happened to cause a concussion is very common and not remembering what happened at the hospital is also common if it was a more serious concussion. In the long term it can... Read More »

Can untreated concussions cause Parkinson's disease?

On One Hand: Concussions Can Increase Risk of Parkinson'sSeveral studies have found a positive correlation between head injury and Parkinson's disease. A study performed by the Mayo Clinic found th... Read More »