Questions about coconut juice?

Answer There are health benefits of coconut milk; it helps to maintain blood sugar levels, keeps skin and blood vessels elasticated, aids building strong bones, relaxes your muscles and nerves, helps prev... Read More »

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Questions about Mean Green Juice(Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead)?

Ok I watched the movie and my dad does the juicing thing.Typically the guidelines for making green juice is 60% dark green leafy vegetables and 40% other vegetables/fruits. You can try variations o... Read More »

Orange Soda Soy Milk Coconut Juice Or Vegetable Juice/ Which from this list do u like better?

Hi Scooter, I like Orange, but don't drink soda but do like the other 3. I just recently started drinkin Coconut milk and it's pretty yummy, but Soy is my usual as is Vegetable juice.

What Vitamins Are in Coconut Juice?

Crack open a coconut and you'll find it filled with a clear liquid known as coconut water or coconut juice. The average coconut yields approximately 206 g of coconut water, according to Nutrition D... Read More »

Is it healthy to drink 2 glasses of coconut juice a day?

100% natural coconut is good for you. Beware of packaged versions, as they often contain added sugar and flavouring. Some of them contain an obscene amount of sugar!