Questions about being drunk?

Answer 1. Drinking lowers your inhibitions and relaxes the little censors in your mind that normally keep you from saying anything embarasing. That's not to say you will automatically say these things, bu... Read More »

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How do you feel about being with people who smoke and who drink to get drunk?

Makeup questions about being in the water!!! :)?

Hey sweetie! Maybelline Mascara and Baby Lips does hold up. Sorry, but ELF is cheap so I wouldn't trust it. And Dream Bouncy blush doesn't really go well with water, but i'd try it! ANYTHING BY MAY... Read More »

How to Answer Interview Questions About Being Fired?

Searching for a job can seem like a full-time job in itself. After handing out resumes, making phone calls and scouring the classifieds, you still have to make a favorable impression during the int... Read More »

Questions about being declared brain-dead?

Yes, there are very specific criteria for being classified as brain dead. This is a very grave diagnosis and so obviously, they have to be sure that there is no activity before they make the diagno... Read More »