Questions about being declared brain-dead?

Answer Yes, there are very specific criteria for being classified as brain dead. This is a very grave diagnosis and so obviously, they have to be sure that there is no activity before they make the diagno... Read More »

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My iphone has officially being declared dead after getting wet, so should I get a Blackberry next?

get this phone…But being serious, yeah Blackberry is far superior to iphone!

Can your heart still run after the brain is dead or vice versa?

you heart can still work but it wont be controled by your brain. It's called being brain dead... it's when your body is kep[t alive with machines but your brain has no activity, so teachnicallye yo... Read More »

How come when an organ donor becomes brain dead, their heart is still viable?

Braindead means there are no conscious brainwaves coming from the brain. No thoughts, no dreams, no muscle twitches, nothing.The area of the brain that controls the heart and other basic body func... Read More »

Neopets Brain Tree Questions?

Neopets is an online, virtual pet website and community with more than 185,324,746 individual accounts ( One activity in the community is the Brain Tree, which asks a question about wh... Read More »