Questions about being declared brain-dead?

Answer Yes, there are very specific criteria for being classified as brain dead. This is a very grave diagnosis and so obviously, they have to be sure that there is no activity before they make the diagno... Read More »

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My iphone has officially being declared dead after getting wet, so should I get a Blackberry next?

get this phone…But being serious, yeah Blackberry is far superior to iphone!

Questions about Mean Green Juice(Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead)?

Ok I watched the movie and my dad does the juicing thing.Typically the guidelines for making green juice is 60% dark green leafy vegetables and 40% other vegetables/fruits. You can try variations o... Read More »

A few questions about the Grateful Dead Please hurry, I need answers ASAP :)?

1) i think it's Micky Hart2) They have 13 studio albums, then they got a bunch of live albums ( dick picks, road trips,etc) not to mention every show has been recorded by an audience member and maj... Read More »

Questions about being drunk?

1. Drinking lowers your inhibitions and relaxes the little censors in your mind that normally keep you from saying anything embarasing. That's not to say you will automatically say these things, bu... Read More »