Questions about avoiding hangovers?

Answer uhhh....try not drinking so much

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Which is the best way to get rid of bad hangovers?

Water before going to bedAdvil with water when you get upFood with some more waterThen lots of water during the day

How bad are your hangovers?

I haven't ever had a hangover. I either have just enough to get me buzzed, or so much I am still drunk in the morning.

How do you handle hangovers?

This is practical advice given by one who has spent years surviving fairly brutal hangovers.One thing is key. Prevention will save you better than any other thing. There is not enough to be said ab... Read More »

How do you cure your hangovers?

oh god let me tell you.lolol i use to get them really bad i couldnt move felt like my head coming off my shoulders... anyway i get up dont!!!lay around makes it worse i take 2 alieve before i go ou... Read More »