Questions about avoiding hangovers?

Answer uhhh....try not drinking so much

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Why do men drink too much and then whine about their hangovers?

80% of men are babies when it comes to pain and sickness

My 80 yr. old Mother has several cancerous tumors and is quite adamant about avoiding surgery at all costs.?

I feel for you and your family at this sorrowful time. My Aunt Dorothy was the same way a few years ago. She was 83, the cancer had returned, and she was competent enough to say "enough is enough... Read More »

2 questions about blood.Not gross questions.?

The first of your questions (is blood ever blue) is amazingly common. The short answer is NO. Blood is always a shade of red (bright red when it is oxygenated, and a darker maroon when it's deoxy... Read More »

Who was Tonight Show comedian-early 90s-who did a routine about avoiding getting mugged ie-Grab gun pull it to your chest use pen to block trigger Had a guy with him acting it out like a demo?