Questions about a concussion?

Answer Concussions can cause permanent brain damage. Since you didn't wait until ALL of your symptoms were gone you are going to see an increase of symptoms and severity. I would stop all activity until y... Read More »

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Concussion... Does this mean I am ok?

A concussion is a fancy term meaning you probably bruised your brain. The time of most concern is the first 24 hours, after that it's no so critical and you are most likely just fine now. It's no... Read More »

Would this cause a concussion?

Honestly if you've had concussions before and one hasn't healed yet, something small could cause a concussion. My friend got a concussion from hitting her head on her way into her car. If you have ... Read More »

I think I might have a concussion :/ ?

If you think you have a concussion you should go to the doctor.

Please, if you know anything about concussion, could you help me?

When you have a sever concussion, it is common for short term memory to be forgotten. How long it takes to get the memory back, how she's feeling, etc., has to deal with the severity of the concuss... Read More »