Questions about Nutella!?

Answer It would be under $5.00 for a 16 oz jar. Sure you can send it through the mail, and no it does not need to be refrigerated.

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Should I try nutella?

Yes - but it's best done slathered on a crepe bought from a seller while walking along the Seine in Paris. Yum.

What should I eat Nutella on?

Nutella is one of my favorite sweet treats! You can use Nutella as a topping for many different things. It also works great in many baked goods. I will list my favorite ways of using it in baking a... Read More »

What do you usually eat with Nutella?

Try some simple sponge cake, vanilla or chocolate. Spread it over a slice or make a sandwich and you'l' see that is extra delicious!Also, put it inside two toast bread slices and then bake in a san... Read More »

What should I put nutella on?

Make Nutella Muffins:)They're super easy to make and really good!