Questions about Mean Green Juice(Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead)?

Answer Ok I watched the movie and my dad does the juicing thing.Typically the guidelines for making green juice is 60% dark green leafy vegetables and 40% other vegetables/fruits. You can try variations o... Read More »

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Are you sick of reading through Bush haters questions and atheists-trying- to- stump christian questions?'s very old. Let's talk about something a lot more interesting. Maybe something that people actually KNOW something about and have the authority to address it. :-)Excellent question, my friend.

I used up all my sick days, so I called in dead.?

Omfg tooooooooooooo funny lol I think I'm going to use that one. Oh and to the person that said it's stupid..........get a damn sense of humor = D

Is anyone else sick of the MySpace questions?

aren't you sick of all the questions about why people are writing questions about the whole myspace thing. gosh, it's getting so old now. maybe i'll write a question about the question writers fee... Read More »

Kind of over the pregnancy section. Are you sick of stupid questions too?

I feel the same when, and when I asked this very same question (maybe not as nicely lol) I was violated. Someone who asked those dumb questions probably got offended because they knew I was right.... Read More »