Questions about Comptia A+ 701?

Answer Just remember the distance in the unit you are used to. And remember meter * 3 is feet or feet/3 is meters.And for the CPU's, I found it easier to remember the progress: names linked to cycles, cac... Read More »

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What is compTIA?

CompTIA--abbreviation for the Computing Technology Industry Association--is a not-for-profit trade association specializing in information technology (IT). It is best known for administering IT cer... Read More »

What is CompTIA A+ certification?

Among computer technicians, CompTIA A+ is a sought-after industry standard certification, one that has already been obtained by more than 700,000 people around the world.CompTIA OrganizationWidely ... Read More »

What does CompTIA stand for?

The Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA, is a nonprofit organization for information technology professionals that was founded in 1982. The group provides training to members, com... Read More »

CompTIA Certification?

CompTIA is a nonprofit organization supporting both businesses and employees in the IT industry. According to the organization's website, CompTIA provides this support through educational programs,... Read More »