Questions About Synthetic Hair?

Answer Whether you enjoy sporting synthetic wigs, hairpieces or extensions, there are certain instructions you need to follow in order to keep them looking fresh. Even though synthetic hair isn't real hum... Read More »

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Questions About Synthetic Oil?

Motor oil is an important component in a car engine. This vital fluid protects moving internal parts from friction through lubrication. It also creates a heat sink, drawing heat away from moving pa... Read More »

Animal Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair for a Kabuki Brush?

Kabuki brushes, named for the brushes used by performers in Japan's Kabuki Theater, have become synonymous with quality in the world of makeup brushes. Kabuki brushes are thick, made of high-end p... Read More »

Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair Weave?

Hair extensions are big business--even celebrities use them. If professionally done, they can make your hair more attractive. But choosing the right hair is key to achieving the right look. The two... Read More »

Human Hair Compared to Synthetic Hair?

Human and synthetic hair weaves are convenient and allow for creative hairstyles such as braids and French twists. While both weaves are good for special occasions such as weddings, there are diffe... Read More »