Questions About Gates BBQ?

Answer Honestly its not that big of a deal. Just go and ask questions. You shouldnt be freaking out about something this small... Well have fun and try not to look like a fool. :)

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Gates Millennium Scholarship essay questions?

Actually I just turned in my scholarship yesterday and 7800 seems like sooooo much..its like 6 pages or definitely dont write so much! all my essays were like aroung 2000 characters..... Read More »

Gates Millennium Scholarship gives 7000 characters to answer questions: how many should I use for good answer?

Hey charley who the hell ask you about the website you posted there. it has noting to do with the question. it is not even helpful. so if u can't answer it don't try to get points.Any way i am doi... Read More »

2 questions about blood.Not gross questions.?

The first of your questions (is blood ever blue) is amazingly common. The short answer is NO. Blood is always a shade of red (bright red when it is oxygenated, and a darker maroon when it's deoxy... Read More »

What do Aussies think about questions about the American accent?

I can't understand those questions. The people asking them always have such thick American accents.