Questions About Body Health?

Answer Your height and weight are perfect for a 15 y/o girl.

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College health form...answer mental health questions?

Technically, you only have to answer the questions you want to and let them come back to you if they feel the form is incomplete. The purpose of the form is to help protect the college from being ... Read More »

Veterinary Health Questions?

Pet ownership is on the rise. More than 60 percent of Americans own an animal companion, according to American Pet Products. One third of those owners have wills that outline the legal guardianship... Read More »

School Health Questions?

Health is a central focus on the lives of everyone, but it becomes especially prevalent when discussing areas with a prevalence of human interaction, such as learning institutions like schools, col... Read More »

I am looking at health insurence I have a few questions!?

Deductible is defined as the amount of money the insured patient must pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company must begin paying benefits. For example, if there is a $500 deductible, the ins... Read More »