Questioning Techniques for Art Education?

Answer Questioning is a critical component of an educational experience. By questioning students, teachers allow them to explore a subject through a directed, critical approach. Such a system specifies di... Read More »

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Questioning Techniques in a Classroom?

Questioning in a classroom challenges the students to think about the lesson and to give their own opinions and analysis. Unfortunately, many teachers use "lower-order" questions to check whether s... Read More »

Classroom Questioning Techniques and Pitfalls?

Questions keep students focused on the topic and actively involved in learning. They can develop students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills; they also stimulate students to look for fur... Read More »

Elementary Education Effective Communication Techniques?

Communicating effectively with children requires different techniques than adult-to-adult communication. Children have not reached the same level of cognitive development or social experience as ad... Read More »

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