Question, what do you use the internet for?

Answer for me as a student... internet is a very useful tools in studying because u can search for your assignments and you can research for your projects and etc... .. I use it to find and share informat... Read More »

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Question about internet download speed. (internet connection, please help)?

your plan is 2 megabits .......not megabytes....1 megabyte = 8 megabits1200 KB = 1 megabyteso take 2 divided by 8 comes out to 0.25 megabyteswhich ='s 250 KB/sif you go to www.speedtest.netthere is... Read More »

Help! Internet Question?

Yes you can get portable internet sticks. an example is the Telstra elite:…You can get others which are basically plug into your usb slot like the elite an... Read More »

DSI internet question?

The standard setup only lets you use WEP. You have to select advanced setup in the bottom of the screen to be able to select WPA.…*Important Note* If you ... Read More »

Dsl internet question?

Most DSL services require and provide a hub as part of the setup. Most companies offer a wireless hub. You will probably (ask your company) be able to make a temporary ethernet connection with th... Read More »