Question to the "God gave us dominion over animals" crowd:?

Answer Especially since they forget the next part about god having dominion over people... It's a good thing god isn't as ruthless or shallow as human beings when it comes to carrying out "dominion."

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Who gave us the right to kill animals for food ?

Who gave us the right to kill animals for food ?We did and the gov't upheld the decision.**

Does the case of a lost parrot who gave his owners name & address more proof of the sentience of animals?

OK ALL YOU DOUBTERS....I invite you all over to my house to experience my bird Mariah....She is a Cockatoo...and I have been told "many" times they do not talk...guess what she does...She knows nam... Read More »

The question is that the doctor gave my daughter a shot to stop vomiting cause of a virus. did you hear of it.?

There are several medications for adults and children to stop vomiting, but just a few are listed below. As you can see, some can be taken orally or by injection.Dolasetron (ANZEMET) oral and... Read More »

A question for vegetarians: If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?

lol...ur made out of flesh as well... so should others eat u too ? just show how ignorant you are..