Question to Pesco-Vegetarians…?

Answer This is your second q. on this page on this subject with the same links. Almost amounts to spamming don't you think.

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Semi-vegetarian, flexitarian, pesco-vegetarian, pollo-vegetarians?

they're desperate for a title.i know that a lot of people are in a situation where it's difficult to give up all meat (for example: kids who say their parents make them eat fish) but they shouldn't... Read More »

A question for vegetarians...?

Oftentimes we can think of the rude statements ("if god didn't want us to eat animals why are they made out of MEAT") or the ignorant statements (SOME vegetarians eat fish), but I would like to tak... Read More »

Question for vegetarians?

Yeah, you're right, but at least I am doing the best I can. It depends on the harvesting process, but I do see your point. In fact, before I became a vegan, or even went vegetarian, I used to ask t... Read More »

Vegetarians I've got a question for you.?

I've been a vegetarian and a Buddhist for over 20 years, so I can only give my personal opinion - I wouldn't want to influence anyone else. when I became Buddhist, meat eating just kind of dropped ... Read More »