Question on pizza sauce seasoning?

Answer When I make a sauce that I want to yield a hint of licorice (anise) flavor, I add a tablespoon or so of anisette or other anise-y liqueur to the diced onions I saute at the beginning of my sauce pr... Read More »

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What's the difference between spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce?

Hello, I am an Italian boyI live in Italy, RomeI was very intrigued by your questionI admit that i don't know the difference between these sauces, but I can tell you how we make pizza at home.we do... Read More »

Is there pizza sauce on garlic bread pizza?

at Pizza Hut they are advertising garlic bread pizza, with sauce, as something you can buy, Normally there is not sauce on garlic bread, but there is no rule that says you cannot do it.

Does Pizza Hut's p'zolo have sauce in it?

No it doesn't. Italian Steak P'Zolo: marinated steak, roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms and Asiago cheeseMeat Trio P'Zolo: Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, and Asiago cheeseBuffal... Read More »

Do you use cold water to get pizza sauce out of clothes?

Answer I've been researching but haven't bought one yet...seems the differences are: some attach to your skimmer and run through the pump, others have their own bag & motor. Some clean the walls an... Read More »