Question on XP to windows 7 upgradation..Urgent!!?

Answer complete formatting is needed, and a ram of minimum 2 GB

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Windows Vista SP2 to Windows 8 upgrade question?

It won't be carried through to Windows 8, however if you have your legitimate product key with you, you can reinstall Microsoft Office afterwards. Even if you don't have the original installation f... Read More »

Windows 98 question?

In the "Setup" when the computer boots up. Turn the computer off, turn it back on and press the Setup key when you see a message. Usually "DEL" or F2 or F10.

Windows xp question?

to answer your questions on how do techs do it ..simple i have a open Xp disk that will install on any pc . home or pro , the key that is used is the one on the side of the pc . perfectly legal . a... Read More »

Windows 2010 question(s).....?

Try a restore command: type the word in the help section to read. Reset the computer to a earlier time, probably one or two days ago. The malware will disappear then unless you had it on sooner t... Read More »