Question on Safety and you vehicle Theory question?

Answer If that's for a test you are probably supposed to get the answers from a textbook which has the "right" answers, even though in real life there are no right answers.Some of those look like question... Read More »

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Music Theory Question?

An Ab major chord would be the bIII or "flat major three." It's a borrowed chord from F minor, since there's no Ab in F major, but there is in F minor. The roman numeral iii would delineate an A mi... Read More »

Reversing with a vehicle question Help!?

This is now the "right" answer, but it works for me. Open the door or window, stick out your head, and look to see how much space there is.This is also not the "right" answer, but it works even be... Read More »

VA safety inspection question?

You probably need new brake pads. They wear out after a while. Don't take it the dealer for this. Dealerships are expensive and new brake pads are an easy fix. If the mechanic says you need to ... Read More »

Interview question for health and safety?

On Locust street and it is called MILLSWOOD