Question on Let's Plays?

Answer Yes, i like

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Song in commercial that plays upbeat piano and says "lets go!" sounds like b.o.b.?

The song in the commercial is "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton.You can get the song and watch the ad here:….

Lets see if anyone (without looking it up) can answer this rather easy Oscars question?

It has to run in a theatre (one that generates profit instead of non-profit theatres) somewhere in the US.It must play for a full week in Los Angeles.

Hey im 16 and i gotta question lets say u flushed a pill bottle down the toilet and the pipes clogged.?

Actually, you should tell your parents.You need help, and you need to quit smokin' that stuff. Better yet, call the police, tell them what happened, and ask them for help.

R&P Lets get to know each other better?

Okay Adam, lets get too it...........No, wouldn't mind it thoughNope, don't have anything creative to upload!Hail & Kill by Manowar, classic.Nope :(Classic MetalYupNo, 1 American girl was travellin... Read More »