Question mark is suddenly a É!!?

Answer Aint life a bia tch - maybe you should check your keyboard configuration:-I.E. 1) check to see if you have a keyboard icon on your task bar - left and right click on it to see what menus come up an... Read More »

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How Do You Place a Question Mark When You Ask More Than One Question?

Asking a simple, single, one-part question is easy -- but what if you have multiple questions in the same sentence or in a series? To decide where you should place the question mark, you must first... Read More »

Medical question Why am I suddenly so dizzy all the time?

Sometimes eating can be the problem for this, I had it for quite a while but then i became conscious of what I ate and made sure that I had enough sugar and carbohydrates.I recommend having a big b... Read More »

Help me my question mark is an É?

I've had that problem for SOOOOOOO long, and I finally came across the solution. Before I just exited the program completely and restarted the application and it was fine, but now I found what tog... Read More »

Why is there no question mark on my printer?

Do you mean your actual printer or do you mean your keyboard?