Question for you Avast users...?

Answer you would actually be better off with avira free…read the review for yourself it outdoes any other AV by miles highest rated AV software at a 97% of in th... Read More »

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Question about Avast internet security!?

I have a paid subscription to Avast but I used Avast Free for a good bit and got an offer of €19.99 for a years protection so I opted for it I vound it that good.To answer your question Avast pro... Read More »

Avast boot time scan question?

Avast question, answer if your comp savvy ; )?

Yes - Avast scans the websites you visit because many sites have pass by attack exploits where just visiting them can infect you. It scans your email too because emails can contain spyware or virus... Read More »

Question for Canon users.?

You can find them for under $1000. In fact, there's two on eBay right now. Converting this lens to a dSLR is another matter however, due to the insanely short back focus. But why stop there? Zeiss ... Read More »