Question for vegetarians only?

Answer No, consuming animal by-products is still contributing to companies who kill and oppress animals even if they aren't killed straight away. Animals on dairy farms have to live a lot longer through t... Read More »

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This Question is only for vegetarians...?

Maybe, but I'd never make meat dishes for him. Also, I wouldn't buy leather, animal-tested products, and go to the circus with him.

Vegetarians only?

Cause' it makes all the wittle animals happy :)Oh, and because I feel about 100x better health wise. Veggie for lyyyyyyyfe!

A question for vegetarians...?

Oftentimes we can think of the rude statements ("if god didn't want us to eat animals why are they made out of MEAT") or the ignorant statements (SOME vegetarians eat fish), but I would like to tak... Read More »

Question for vegetarians?

Yeah, you're right, but at least I am doing the best I can. It depends on the harvesting process, but I do see your point. In fact, before I became a vegan, or even went vegetarian, I used to ask t... Read More »