Question for the women please?

Answer eeeeeeew

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Medical question- Women please dont read unless you are doctor or nurse - thanks?

You realise matey that by putting dont read unless your a doctor or nurse means that most mateys in here are gonna be reading ithowever matey that sound like it be a sweat rash yar try some sudocre... Read More »

ALL WOMEN: What do you think are the qualities that defines a Man :] (Please STAR this question!)?

A man that can live without me.I have dated a few guys that had the attitude of, "Without you, I'd die." Um. No, you wouldn't. That's pathetic.A gal doesn't want to hear that a guy dislikes himself... Read More »

WOMEN ONLY PLEASE!!!! This question will only anger the men?

Yeah, you're right. And to those who said sperm would run out, it wouldn't because we would continue to have male children. Of course the question is what to do with them. Maybe then, since we woul... Read More »

I have a VERY important question about weed..please please please look at it. please?

It happened to me too, it took a couple of years before I was right in the head again, where my thoughts came out properly and there wasnt any haziness and loss of thought, its not cool.It takes a ... Read More »