Question for swagbuck user. how do i mail in phone/video games for swagbuck?

Answer If you are wanting to trade in your Cell Phones And Video Games, then try going to the following web page for that information: There are steps you can use and ... Read More »

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How can i send an e-mail as a text to an alltel user?

go to alltel website, at the top of the page is "send message". There it should ask for info of message and email of sender. =] Source(s): i use it all the time. =]

How do I mark a user as spam in Network Solutions Web Mail?

Mark the Email as SpamOpen your Network Solutions Web Mail Account. Select an email from a user that you want to report as spam. Right-click the email, and select "Spam."Report the EmailSend an ema... Read More »

How do I password protect windows mail in Vista (like user in outlook express)?

Dear,I also searched the Answer of this Question and Found nothing for it.Your only option is to Use outlook OR the sane as me that Gave Password to User Account and don't allow someone else on you... Read More »

Where can I find the end user license agreement for games?

What ever game your using the User Agreement is found when you start the install.To proceed with the install you have to agree with the User Agreement first.You may find a resume of it in the paper... Read More »