Question for servers who work at a restaurant?

Answer I've been working in food and bev for about 10 years now and I can tell its not like this everywhere..but I definitely know what you are talking about!! I have met some of my best friends w... Read More »

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Question for servers in restaurants?

Lisa C. You've obviously never been part of a wait staff or you'd realize the detail it entails, not to mention the physical demand. Some food for thought: The wait staff will remember you too a... Read More »

A 18% gratuity was added on a bill at a restaurant. Do the servers expect further a further gratuity?

As I server, I never expect anything more than the gratuity that's been added to the bill for large parties, but a lot of times people will leave a little bit extra if they thought the service was ... Read More »

How do print servers work?

Print servers help multiple computers communicate with one or more printers that are all on the same network. Print servers can either be located on traditional servers or on a desktop computer.Loc... Read More »

Servers: Is it better to work in high or middle class restaurants?

I worked for a fancy Italian restaurant in upstate NY for a while, and even on the weekdays I'd usually take home over 100 in tips. Some of the senior servers, who were much better than I was at u... Read More »