Question for people who wear contacts?

Answer Hey nice name. Lol.Anyway, it can be a bother. You just need to make sure you close your eyes when water hits your face. Its best to dive under the waves when they get rough also. I know from exper... Read More »

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Why do some people wear eye contacts?

-You don't have to worry about getting your glasses broken-You feel confident about your looks-You want to try it out and see how it feels like-you want to change your appearance -etc

Poll: How many people wear glasses or contacts Do u like them?

I wear contacts more often than I wear my glasses..I usually wear my glasses on the weekends and at night.I don't mind contacts.. they are comfy and I don't feel them..I was thinking about getting ... Read More »

Why do people wear blush..serious question?

They don't wear it to make their cheeks red. When people wear foundation, or coverup it usually makes their face one color. The blush makes your face look more natural, and not all one color. Also ... Read More »

Am I able to wear my contacts, if one of the contacts are ripped/torn?

I would have to say that its not a good idea. Even if its a teeny tiny little tear, it still can be very painful and irritating on your eye. I've known patients to wear torn and nicked lenses...I... Read More »