Question for people who believe moms should stay home?

Answer Well seeing as how i was a teen mommy i had school and work. And no i do not believe all children should be home schooled they are missing out of social interaction with kids there own age and that... Read More »

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Question for Stay at Home Moms and money?

Here's some of the things we've done:No cable, we get 13 digital channels over the air.Our phone is through magicjack ( We get local, long distance, caller ID, call waiting, and voi... Read More »

A question for stay at home moms, PLEASE grace me with your answers, I know I would LOVE to know?

haha I was wondering this myself the other day when someone asked a question starting with 'to all full time moms...' I was like, what, if you work, you're only a 'part' time mom?! I wish people wo... Read More »

Stay at home moms, what do you do all day?

Well since we're playing make believe day...My day would beWake up at 9am, go workout. come home, to my kids making me breakfastAfter we get ready for the day and the house cleaner is already clean... Read More »

For moms that stay at home?

If you can afford to stay at home, then do it! You will not regret it. No one ever says when they die that they wish they worked more and spent less time with their children. Suggestions: 1. ta... Read More »