Question for others who may take Imitrex Injections?

Answer Be aware; it is *possible* to overdose on Imitrex:In clinical studies conducted before Imitrex was approved, higher-than-usual doses of Imitrex did not result in any adverse reactions. However, the... Read More »

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Question regarding pegylated interferon injections and ribavirin treatment?

The people that tend to do best on treatment are the ones who have prepared themselves mentally & physically (and spiritually, too) before they start treatment. Have you been to a support group to ... Read More »

What does imitrex do?

Imitrex (generic name: sumatriptan) is a prescription medication used to treat headaches and migraines by targeting the blood vessels around the brain. It is also used to treat nausea and sensitivi... Read More »

What is imitrex ?

Imitrex is a prescription medication which is prescribed to treat migraine headaches. The medication is available in three forms: tablets, nasal spray or injection. Imitrex does not prevent headach... Read More »

How long does imitrex last?

Whether taking Imitrex in pill or nasal-spray form, each dose lasts approximately two hours. Do not take more than 200 mg of the tablets in 24 hours, nor should you take more than 40 mg of Imitrex ... Read More »