Question for drinkers: Is your idea of "a serving of fruit" one of these?

Answer D – I add limes to any beer and consume strawberries and champagne from my wife naval shot glass :)

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Question for tea drinkers?

Enthusiastic tea drinkers can be pretty choosy about teas. Rather than tea, you might buy something he might use in the making of tea, an unusual mug, a diffuser with a chain and hook (for the lip... Read More »

Bartenders, drinkers, anyone... a question about a Liqueur..?

Here is a link, with several leads on Sicilian Gold:…

Question about serving Homemade Dip?

Wow, that is pretty disgusting. Are you serious? NO, do not tell her to sneeze in her dip, I doubt it would taste different, but that information might just put her off dip alltogether.

Any idea of names for real fruit facial parlour ?

Fruit Face!Sweet Cheeks? cause you know, fruit is sweet, and like..cheeks..