Question for computer geeks, nerds and experts....?

Answer CEBKAC might apply. Conniption Exist Between Keyboard And Chair...its a household name.Twice, computers have brought me to such a stage. It is a special level of frustration reserved for items th... Read More »

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How to Tell the Difference Between Nerds and Geeks?

The terms "nerd" and "geek" are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Both terms can be viewed as either endearing or pejorative depending on how they applied, by whom, and to whom... Read More »

A question for the computer nerds!!!?

you have to save your photos on your hard drive can do this by:#1 if your pc is equipped with a card reader,just pop in that card and using windows explorer ,transfer your pics from the c... Read More »

How come smart people all have glasses eg nerds and geeks?

Probably from reading and studying all their lives!!

A question for computer geeks. What is an add on?

Add-on, also known as Add-in, is a mini program that runs in combination with the main application in order to extend and improve the functionality of that application. For example if you download... Read More »