Question for all you Facebook/Myspace experts?

Answer You cannot use a tagged photo as a default.You must re-upload in your "my photos" album to default it.Sorry, hope this helps!Best Answer please?:)

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Question for Ipod/MP3 player experts!?

The Ipod/MP3 player is obviously the artificial intelligence that sci-fi has been predicting for years. Beware, Kenny. Soon you will be entertaining "gadget" for your Ipod. Throw it out now whil... Read More »

Here's kind of a complicated question for electronics experts....?

I sure do wish people who don't know what they are talking about would STOP ANSWERING TECHNICAL QUESTIONS!!! Although this scenario won't hurt anything, one of these days these fools are going to ... Read More »

Question for computer geeks, nerds and experts....?

CEBKAC might apply. Conniption Exist Between Keyboard And Chair...its a household name.Twice, computers have brought me to such a stage. It is a special level of frustration reserved for items th... Read More »

Very raw and obscene question...but it is 100% serious. Preferable mental health experts only please?

This is the most awesome post ever.That said, she's probably looking for something new to get the excitement going. I'm sure you guys lead a constant Rockstar/James Bond lifestyle/relationship but... Read More »