Question for TOMTOM users?

Answer Dave S I've got a tomtom one, and I loaded speed cams onto it. I find the main advantage with the "one" is its size & portability, (Stuff it in your pocket when not in the car) It's a good little t... Read More »

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Is there a question that I can ask the deluxe Tomtom that'd cause it to immediately explode?

Wanna try it? Give me a list. I'll ask him for you, he's right here on my lap. ;)Edit: I asked Tomtom for directions to Hell, he gave me Hell, Michigan. If I enter the kbsdfsdfsbbdbsfa he just says... Read More »

Question for you Avast users...?

you would actually be better off with avira free…read the review for yourself it outdoes any other AV by miles highest rated AV software at a 97% of in th... Read More »

Question for Canon users.?

You can find them for under $1000. In fact, there's two on eBay right now. Converting this lens to a dSLR is another matter however, due to the insanely short back focus. But why stop there? Zeiss ... Read More »

Question for StumbleUpon Users?

hey chicka ya we still have send to and then share were you can email them i never do the share but i have been getting alot that show up in my email and it will say check out this site type thing.... Read More »