Question for Homeopaths, Holistics, and other natural healers?

Answer What you're describing could be explained by a chronic subdural hematoma. This would explain the headaches, the extinction, and the leg weakness. It explains Babinski's sign and explains the hemi... Read More »

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How can homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists and other quacks treat patients when they have no training...?

Because apart from herbals, what they are practicing is essentially worthless. No scientific or medical knowledge is required because acupuncture and homoeopathy have no scientific basis. Both viol... Read More »

Other than jellyfish, what other natural forms of contraceptive are there?

oh, JELLYFISH are the ONLY natural fact. doctors lie, it is the ONLY reliable form of contraceptive! now go out to the ocean, find yourself a jellyfish and strap that bad daddy o... Read More »

Are there healers in the 5th dimension?

Fantastic question!Firstly, I admit that I don't know as much about the dimensions as I should, and not nearly as much as I want to.But I do believe in the 5th dimension and higher there are "ascen... Read More »

Which herb did herbalists grow outside their door to be recognized as healers?

We had that happen once! All you can do is to keep removing foam--put it into the sink. Eventually, you will get to the end of it and the dishwasher will be good as new.