Question for British people: Have you ever tried black pudding?

Answer Black pudding is good eating. Beans, bacon, fried eggs, sausages, block of lard, toast, fried bread & tomatoes. AKA the full English breakfast; which you can have at any time throughout the day.O... Read More »

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Why do so many British people seem to have such bad teeth It's true about a British Smile, but why?

Ok - honestly, from someone who has immigrated from North America to live in England: Yes and no. I would propopse that the percentage of British people who have bad teeth is greater than the perce... Read More »

Have you ever tried moonshine?

no.. my booze has got to be clear, clean burning rocket fuel. Think...flammable, warning labels and the yellow police crime scene tape..

Have you ever tried oil pulling?

It renders me an excellent oral hygiene, since decades.OIL PULLING*:Utility--- removes toxins from the body, more so from the mouth, tongue, lips, gums, teeth, stomach, cervix, uterus, lungs, heart... Read More »

Have you ever tried a carrot dog?

it tasted very good, but it didnt remind me of a real hot dog at ALL!i tried it when i went to the vegan festival