Question about youtube ads?

Answer Well I know that if you have copyrighted stuff, they might just give you an add (that's what happened to me. i just got a little message saying that I didn't have to do anything and that just a few... Read More »

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Question About YouTube ?

Yes by uploading videos earn money by 1000 views 3 dollars but u hav to upload ur original video

Question about

YouTube has been updating it's site lately and there have been lots of funny things happening. I am also getting the little circle halfway through videos and then it starts up again.Also, when I tr... Read More »

I have a question about youtube.?

Yes your perfectly fine turning of your PC. The processing could take from 5 Minuites to about 2 days.Turning off your computer is fine, even dissconnecting from the web

Question about YouTube link....?

When you go to the page of your selected video, you will see a box with "Embed" written on its left side. Copy the code inside the box and paste it to your web page's code.But if you coudn't get it... Read More »