Question about xanax and alcohol?

Answer This is not an exact science, it's kinda hard to do research on this topic :-)What we do know is that if you mix xanax with alcohol, you can experience respiratory depression, meaning you can stop ... Read More »

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Question About Drugs and alcohol?

This is what I know:Young people that have unstable home lives, live abusive homes, and especially have parents that do drugs and alcohol normally have a high risk factor to start to abuse drugs an... Read More »

I have a question about antibiotics and alcohol....?

There are two parts to answer your question: can you take the amoxicillin and mix it with alcohol? Technically yes--there will be no chemical contraindications that will cause you problems. But ... Read More »

Health about Alcohol and I dont know anything about Alchohol?

1. pathway when injested takes its course like any other liquid in the body. 2. pretty much all your organs are affected mostly liver because its the filter for the body.3. the BAC is the Blood Alc... Read More »

Alcohol question?

As long as they are less than 3 OZ ea. and different kinds you could put them in your carryon