Question about xanax and alcohol?

Answer This is not an exact science, it's kinda hard to do research on this topic :-)What we do know is that if you mix xanax with alcohol, you can experience respiratory depression, meaning you can stop ... Read More »

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Alcohol question?

As long as they are less than 3 OZ ea. and different kinds you could put them in your carryon

Question About Drugs and alcohol?

This is what I know:Young people that have unstable home lives, live abusive homes, and especially have parents that do drugs and alcohol normally have a high risk factor to start to abuse drugs an... Read More »

I have a question about antibiotics and alcohol....?

There are two parts to answer your question: can you take the amoxicillin and mix it with alcohol? Technically yes--there will be no chemical contraindications that will cause you problems. But ... Read More »

WEED OR ALCOHOL that is the question?

Weed for sure! you might slow down a bit but you're still in control. very few people get arrested for brawling insulting behaviour when they're stoned, opposed to drunk. .... and everyone knows t... Read More »