Question about windows upgrading.?

Answer If you upgrade from Windows XP, you would have to do a Windows 7 custom or clean installation that means all your software and files from Windows XP would be gone. You would need all your software... Read More »

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Is it worth upgrading from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate?

Do not see why. Forget exactly what but Ultimate has maybe 2 things that Pro does not. Unless having one of those things is important. Check out the link below for a comparison chart. Hope this hel... Read More »

I have a question about upgrading my desktop...?

Hehehehe. Sad to see that not many peeps from the Desktop section bothered to answer. They can be a pretty 'matter of fact' lot at times and it's rather hard to troll here because they take most th... Read More »

Question about upgrading my video card?

If its a laptop: NO!Ifits a desktop: YES! Your i5 processor is PERFECT for gaming!! i7 is overkill and i3 is satisfactory. 8GB RAM is plenty enough. Everything is ok. Just make sure you have a 600W... Read More »

Upgrading my windows xp ?

Before you upgrade to 64 bit you need to check you have the hardware capable of running it. Processor, memory(4 gb or more), etcThen you need to obtain a 64 bit version of the windows operating sy... Read More »