Question about video card chipsets for computers...?

Answer Depending on which video card chipsets you have Nvidia or ATI:-… you don't know which video chipset you have try th... Read More »

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Question about upgrading my video card?

If its a laptop: NO!Ifits a desktop: YES! Your i5 processor is PERFECT for gaming!! i7 is overkill and i3 is satisfactory. 8GB RAM is plenty enough. Everything is ok. Just make sure you have a 600W... Read More »

Question about smart phones an computers?

Yes, it's posible- it's usually called wifi tethering.(If you wanted a more specific answer, you'd have to be more specific than just 'your phone')

A question for those of you that know about Computers?

DONT LEAVE IT ON !!!!!!!!I did that when I was in uni and my laptop is wrecked. It frys the battery so you can't have it unplugged from the wall when you want to use it. its such a pain I wish I us... Read More »

Question about buying an album on iTunes (with gift card and credit card)?

I am pretty sure when you buy an album it gives you the option to use a gift card or credit card. And yes it will charge everything in the gift card and then use 11 cents on your moms card. So enjo... Read More »