Question about vegetarians -?

Answer I've been a vegetarian for about three years now and I never try to push it on other people. If someone wants information about being a vegetarian, I'll be more than happy to talk to them about it.... Read More »

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A question I'm curious about--- pro-choice vegetarians?

My stance on both vegetarianism and the abortion issue is just that... it is a CHOICE for each individual person as to what they will eat, and what they would do with a pregnancy. Myself, I CHOOSE ... Read More »

Vegetarians: What did you think about vegetarians before you became a vegetarian?

i thought they were all hippies. now i feel bad for being so stereotypical!

Question for vegetarians?

Yeah, you're right, but at least I am doing the best I can. It depends on the harvesting process, but I do see your point. In fact, before I became a vegan, or even went vegetarian, I used to ask t... Read More »

A question for vegetarians...?

Oftentimes we can think of the rude statements ("if god didn't want us to eat animals why are they made out of MEAT") or the ignorant statements (SOME vegetarians eat fish), but I would like to tak... Read More »