Question about using NOS as a drug?

Answer just buy whip its and buy the adapter to the whip its to inject nitrous into a balloon(=

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Serious question about passing drug test...?

Google these two things "Jack Price" and "drug test", you should be able to find a pdf document that he made. He was a lab technician before he got fired, and as he put it, he let out their secrets... Read More »

Question about marijuana and drug testing Please help?

Not unless the rooms really filled with smoke, you need a good amount taken into the lungs to acquire enough to fail most drug tests. If you have only used 1 to 3 times in a month, then for 10 to 3... Read More »

Why does no one answer the question about the drug Propecia for hair loss?

Nobody cares that you are balding except for you...and in fact women (assuming you are straight?) find baldness 'biologically-attractive' because the most common cause is higher-than-average levels... Read More »

QUESTION FOR ANYONE WHO HAS HAD THE DRUG TAXOL:: Did you suffer from neuropthy in your feet.. if so has it?

I had taxol and I had mild neuropathy from it. It took about 2 months to go away. My oncologist gave me Neurontin to help it and some other side effects and it helped. If your neuropathy is bad,... Read More »