Question about the goverment?

Answer Of course they can't watch your web cam!Think about what you just said. How many Video Conversations arein operation at any one time. Not only that they are one on one.You would need some pretty so... Read More »

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Is the chilean goverment communist?

NATO-led occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq by America. Several of America's aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.Interference in the internal affairs of Middle East countries. Support the opposition.

I'm looking for information on goverment grants?

There are serveal goverment grants for higher education if you are eligible and attend an eligible school. For all of these as well as state grants and federal loan programs you need to fillout at... Read More »

Forget what the goverment say, but do you think is it safe to eat UK Turkey?

When you delete something off your computer and recycling bin does it go to the goverment?

No, it doesn't go to the government. At least not directly. It first gets reviewed by your dad (who's not really your dad, but an undercover alien from the planet $@T%N). If he finds that you're... Read More »