Question about tax return, financial aid?

Answer I appreciate your desire to have financial aid go to the right students-those who need it. The less we give away to those who do not have the need the more we have to give to those who do. Anyone... Read More »

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Question about financial aid.. please help!!!?

No, No, No. If your EFC is 0 than you are eligible for up to $5350 in grants. Usually you will get them all (5350.) (9 out of 10-if you were truthful on your app.-your school will probably ask for ... Read More »

Question about college financial aid for student living on own due to special circumstances?

not sure, but he may have to prove he's living on his own with a utility bill or something. reapply at the school's financial aid office.this happened to me when I was in college - not the abusive... Read More »

Financial Risk Vs. Financial Return?

Financial risk is the risk is the uncertainty of the return on an investment. It is the risk of investor loss from financing instruments a company might use to raise money. Equity financing present... Read More »

The Relationship Between Financial Decision Making & Risk & Return?

Individuals and organizations generally engage in business activities to maximize profit while minimizing risk. Financial risk is the loss probability arising from adverse price fluctuations in fin... Read More »