Question about surgery?

Answer before they put you to sleep they will put a sliding sheet underneath you which makes you easy to move from table to bed and a team of about 4 to 6 people will move you so will be in safe hands :).... Read More »

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Question about eye surgery?

Wear a colored contact. You can get them without prescription. But I'd still go to an eye dr to make sure it fits right.

Question about shunt(surgery) Please help!?

yeah im pretty sure he will live:) & im sorryfor that):

Question about lasik surgery please read and answer.?

It is hard to tell if you are a whiner or have legitimate complaints. You should be going back to the LASIK center where you had your procedure done. You should tell them about what is not working.... Read More »

Cosmetic surgery question?

Oh for the love of god.....why did I read that question....gagging.....god helpus if there is not some kind of surgery