Question about sleeping?

Answer You've got a few weeks, this is good you can adjust. Don't go to bed one evening and expect to be able to sleep at 10/11pm from going to bed at 3am, this won't work you will lie awake stressed out ... Read More »

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I have a sleeping question...........?

this sounds stupid but I used to be terrified of the dark. learn to meditate. The monsters come out of your own mind so if you learn to quiet it you'll be OK

Sleeping style question?

I dont sleep at all .. we humanoids dont need any sleep ..

Sleeping pill overdose question?

A sleeping question read description :)?

Don't use my answer as its just a guess, but I think it's probably because during the night you have nothing to do and your brain wants to stay alive and be awake and think about stuff. Also, do yo... Read More »