Question about rape(kinda detailed)?

Answer Yes that was rape. First off, you were too young to consent. Were drunk so could not give consent. And flat out refused consent. Yes that is rape.I know i was in denial for years about what hap... Read More »

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Somewhat detailed and difficult question, if you can understand please answer.?

You have got hypertension as evidenced by isolated systolic hypertension. Isolated systolic hypertension is defined as a systolic pressure that is above 140 mm Hg with a diastolic pressure that is ... Read More »

I have a question about contact lenses, could anyone give me a detailed answer please?

It's up to you. If you want to wear contacts then relax and stop being a big wuss.If you won't stop flinching and blinking then forget about contacts , it's that simple.It is controllable reflexes.... Read More »

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car Detailed?

As of 2009, the average cost of having a car detailed is under $60. Larger vehicles such as SUVs and minivans start at around $90. Prices fluctuate based on many factors including location and the ... Read More »

How to Be a More Detailed Writer?

Being too general can very easily bring even the most exciting article or argument to its knees. Here is how to make sure the worst doesn't happen to you when you try to convey something informative.