Question about proteins?

Answer It is usually best to get your protein from natural, whole food sources like meat, beans, dairy, etc. But the best time to consume manufactured proteins (like whey or casein) is directly after a wo... Read More »

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Are all animal proteins bad for you?

ckngbbbls is spouting unscientific nonsense. To claim that there are no discernible differences between animal proteins and plant proteins is the height of delusion. Animal protein:- Weakens Your... Read More »

What are some good proteins?

First it should be noted that almost every food contains protein including grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes. With a balanced vegetarian diet without even worrying about protein intake, ... Read More »

What Are Recombinant Proteins?

Proteins are the most important of all the materials that compose living organisms. Proteins are in each living cell of all organisms, without exceptions, and in the cells, proteins are abundant in... Read More »

What Are Carrier Proteins?

The purpose of carrier proteins is to carry substances across either compartment barriers inside cells or through the cell membrane; these substances include amino acids, sugars, glucose and nucleo... Read More »