Question about printing transparencies?

Answer yes you can bring a flashdrive,cd or you maybe able to email them the file ahead of time and then tell them what you want, i used to work at officemax in the copy dept that's what we did and staple... Read More »

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Printing on transparencies: I need to print an image flush with the border, but most copiers don't allow it?

The ink shouldn't smear if the transparency is designed for inkjet printers. You have to use transparencies specifically designed for inkjet printers in order for the ink to properly adhere & be ab... Read More »

Printing question....?

Not wanting to use the school's printers for your little "project" are we? You could sent it via email to your web email address.

3d Printing Question!!!!!!?

Yes as the over all cost is low, get the extras, 3-D PrintersMakiBox A6 $300 Desktop 3D Printer | Dangerous PrototypesDrone writes about a new 3d printer project he's found: MakiBox A6 is a new cr... Read More »

3d printing question?

Design in CAD program. Some can convert from 2D to 3D. Export to 3D printer program.… has sonic screw driver toys for sale. $13.