Question about printer purchase help please?

Answer Well the with a multi function printers like office jet, you can print well even good quality photo graphs but you won't be able to scan negative film. Like the other guy said if for All in one Can... Read More »

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Question about printer please help me choose.?

Hard to say off hand. Your first link only goes to an empty Cart page and not a printer link.Any printer you choose will be about as good as any other out there as they all seem to have varying deg... Read More »

Question About my TV [please help] .?

Question about Caulk--Please help!?

step on the tube ,full force and with the nozzle pointing into the direction of application! then take your Big toe and even it out!

Question about motors (please help)?

A motor needs commutated to reverse the magnetic field. A DC motor must commutate itself, or be commutated externally with electronics. A DC motor also often use a permanent magnet to push/pull aga... Read More »